Are you open to living a life of freedom, self-awareness, passion, and clarity about your purpose in life?

level up along your Spiritual journey

Through a number of offerings, Heart's Joy enables people to learn how to trust their inner-knowing and get clarity about how to move forward in all aspects of life.

Our goal is to reach those who feel stuck and move them into a space of joy and sovereignty. We achieve this through:

  • Our podcast, "Live In Divine Harmony",
  • Creating community that stretches us and encourages growth
  • Our course offerings
  • Offering tools to assist energetically on your journey

For those needing or wanting more personal attention, we also offer one-on-one Spiritual life coaching sessions and numerology sessions.

Private Sessions

Our perspective creates our reality. Mindset is the navigator of this reality we create. Living intentionally is the action step.

Understanding your numerology, also known as your Soul's contract, and learning how to manifest are available during your private coaching session as well as focusing on your mindset. What would you like to focus on?

Schedule your 30-minute FREE Discovery Session before your first coaching session. Each coaching session is 60 minutes via phone or a video call. Be prepared to dive in!

Start today and schedule your Discovery Session.

During the Discovery Session, we'll see if private sessions are right for you.