Are you interested in learning the magic of life?

Maybe you’re interested in learning about your Angel guides, astrology, and how it’s all connected. Are you curious about the beauty and power we have inside ourselves? But your friends don’t really understand you and you’d like to surround yourself with others who are like you.

Anytime you feel alone, know that as a member of the Ring of Fire community of like-minded beings, learning about the magic of life we’re co-creating this experience together.

As a part of the Ring of Fire community of like-minded beings, you receive a monthly teaching about the magic of life and you’ll create a new routine journaling to help you implement the lesson. You’ll have access to a guided meditation, along with group conversations throughout the month to inspire you along your journey.

So why call it Ring of Fire?

One night as I was falling asleep, I received a moment of inspiration. I realized, a Ring of Fire is when we feel like we're in a fire — everything is going wrong, you ask 'why is life happening to me', etc. When in reality, we're not alone in a fire at all. God is always with us guiding us, protecting us, and asking us to be Love. And sometimes that’s when God taps us on the shoulder. And maybe God’s tapping you on the shoulder right now and nudging you to join the Ring of Fire.

You’re invited to join us! Together, we’ll co-create this community, fellowship, and belonging.

The significance of the Angel number 33.
33 is a Master Number and represents Divine wholeness, completeness, and reminds us all things are possible. The energy of 33 is the intention of this community!

My invitation for you is just $33/month.

Welcome to the Meditation Cafè

A cafè is a small and informal establishment serving various refreshments. Well, this cafè serves meditations as refreshments for your Soul making it easy for you to connect to your-Divine-self along your journey!

Grab your seat in the meditation cafè; bring your mat, your favorite music, your mala if you'd like, a drink of choice, and choose from a menu of meditations.

Live On Purpose Course

Experience fulfillment, clarity, and joy as you create a life you Love living on purpose!

You’re feeling like there’s something more to life and aren’t sure what yet. You’re living on automatic — doing the same thing each day and not thinking about it. Doing what others, including your parents (no matter how old you are), thought you should be doing and you’re feeling unfulfilled with little direction. You’ve lost the passion in your career — it’s just a job that pays the bills because you think you can’t make a living doing what you “Love.” So now you’re settling for whatever comes your way. Settling in ALL areas of your life — career, romantic relationships, friends. You feel helpless like God forgot about you. Maybe you feel like you’re being punished, yet you keep smiling with a black cloud that follows you everywhere. You ask yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?” “I want off this hamster wheel.” Everywhere you turn to be nurtured and fed Spiritually, isn’t doing it for you. You want to be fed. You’re hungry to learn and have the curiosity knowing there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing.

Feeling this way isn’t your fault. You’re doing what you know and you don’t see other possibilities available to you. You were taught that to be successful, you have to look a certain way, behave a certain way, and have material things. Maybe you were told that as long as your paycheck doesn’t bounce, to stay in that unfulfilling career. And maybe you went to church because you thought it was a safe place to be. I get it! I was here a few short years ago.

Learn how to tap into your intuition and your personal power to get clarity and direction in your life and/or your career.

Experience the juices of feeling ALIVE! Put yourself in the driver’s seat creating a life you “Love,” making a difference for those around you, and earning good money while you do it. It’s time for you to THRIVE!  As you become aware of these new possibilities available to you, clarity arrives along your path. You feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you are free at last.

The Live On Purpose course enables you to connect with your inner-Divine-self and understand why you’re here and how to live on purpose by giving you the ‘life tools’ you need.

Connecting with yourself and cultivating your relationship with you is the first step to living intentionally and creating a relationship with the Divine Source.

Are you ready to create a life you Love? I can help you take the steps along your journey. This was me a few years ago and I know how this feels. I can help you transform your life in the same way my life has been transformed. I learned that cultivating the relationship with myself leads to the relationship with God, the Divine Source aka the Universe. And how everything around me impacts my daily life and is connected to God.

What if I told you, it doesn’t have to be this way and you can create the life YOU want.

Over 8 weeks in the Live On Purpose course, you’ll receive new tools each week AND implement them into your life creating new habits cultivating the relationship with yourself. You’ll learn how to communicate with your Angel guides, understand how astrology impacts you and how to work with those energies, and receive your Soul’s contract aka your numerology chart. You’ll have a private ThetaHealing session uncovering old outdated beliefs holding you back and healing them. And the beauty of the course is, we’re all co-creating it together.

The next step is to click here and claim your spot for the next Live On Purpose course. It’s only $627 paid in full. Or 4 payments of $161.75.

Private Sessions

Our perspective creates our reality. Mindset is the navigator of this reality we create. Living intentionally is the action step.

ThetaHealing®, numerology, and learning how to manifest are available during your private coaching session as well as focusing on your mindset. What would you like to focus on?

Schedule your 30-minute FREE Discovery Session before your first coaching session. Each coaching session is 60 minutes via phone or a video call. Be prepared to dive in!

Start today and schedule your Discovery Session.

During the Discovery Session, we'll see if private sessions are right for you.