What Clients are Saying!

Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose
Virtual & Online Course:

"My biggest a-ha was realizing my power and taking it back and what's more clear now is how to clear my blocks!" ~ Amy Nipp

“I’m more clear to take action on the things I'm passionate about!” ~ Course Participant

"Karmen helped me see there are new ways I can use my passion to feel like I’m helping the world, and gave me that sense of clarity I needed to get started." ~ Angela Leisure


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I looked forward to every class because I knew I was going to learn a new skill to help me reach my highest good.

Before this course, I felt stuck. I was meditating, and trying to raise my vibration, but I was blocked. I didn't know what the block was, or how to get past it. I had also lost my joy. I didn't even know what would make me happy anymore.

Karmen gave me the tools to reconnect with my higher self. (Be honest and dig deep on your homework!) She creates a special connection with each student and works with them to achieve their desired outcome.  I am now finally enjoying my life amidst the daily grind.

I was able to learn how to identify and remove the blocks that were holding me down. I have successfully raised my vibration and I am manifesting experiences that I've been wanting for a long time. Life looks a whole lot brighter, and I'm not the only one who has noticed the change. My co workers often tell me how my attitude has changed, and how much happier I am. What's the difference?  I've realized what my gifts are, and I am using them in all aspects of my life. I am more confident in myself because I have the tools to fix any issues that may arise, and if I do have questions, I know Karmen will be there to help me.

Whether you are wanting to find your path, or you've been walking it for years, Karmen and this course will help you light the way." ~ Love and light, Amy Nipp

"Co-create your passionate purpose has guided me to listen to my higher self, see the signs and keep myself accountable. I have developed meditation practices that encourage my self-awareness and helps me see the larger picture every day. I was excited to begin this journey because I felt that my goals and dreams wouldn’t come true unless I got clear about my purpose. The prompts Karmen gives in the course helped me better figure out how to live my life full of intention. I have grown significantly through a lot of self-reflection, meditation and observation that this course encourages. I truly appreciate the offerings in the co-create your passionate purpose course and would recommend it to anyone looking to define their passions and connect with their higher self." ~ Joey

"The day that I had my energy balanced and Angel card reading, I shifted drastically from being in a serious funk to seeing positive possibilities for my life. Truly incredible! My excitement & attitude change caused a friend to see Karmen 10 days after my appointment.

Now 4 weeks later I'm enrolled in "Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose" class that Karmen teaches and I'm actually engaged with life. I have been following her suggestions (meditating - (never before), journaling - (never before)) and waking up happy & curious about what today will bring vs "here we go again!" I am looking forward.

Having Karmen come into my life is nothing short of a miracle (a little cheesy, maybe - and true.) If you're contemplating an energy re-balance and Angel card reading, my advice - "have faith & do it." You WILL think about life differently!" ~ Lisa

Coaching Sessions:

"I met Karmen rather randomly and was instantly drawn to her energy. After learning about her journey and the services she offers, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a Chakra balancing and angel card reading. I also completed her 1:1 program.  Karmen has opened my mind to many wonderful, exciting and sometimes scary things about life and myself. I truly feel so much better and more optimistic about the path I’m on.  Karmen has given me the tools to weather the ups and downs we all face everyday. I have felt so much more peace in my life since I’ve started this journey. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow through Cocktails + Cosmos and meditation classes.  Thanks Karmen!" ~

Daily Journal:

"This is a great tool to help you get up every day, set an intention, and live your life with purpose. I've learned so much about myself and my experiences since beginning my journal." ~ Sara Rivera

"What I love about this journal is how it keeps my intentions at the front of my mind. It keeps me on track to reach each goal and grow as a person. My favorite thing is the weekly card readings that go along with it. Karmen has put much care into this journal and continues to do so with those card readings." ~ Angela Leisure

Angel Card Intuitive Readings:

"I was scatterbrained trying to reel in all my ideas for making money with my hobbies. I was tired of working for other people and ready to be my own boss. I’m always trying to learn something new to be a better person. I feel we should all be trying to Level UP.

My Angel Card reading helped me see a clearer path to success. It helped me reel in these feelings of wanting to do everything right now, to focus on what’s most important. Hobbies are great to have, and I can always keep getting better at those.

My reading included my message from the Universe, “My VIBES speak louder than my words”. I am always trying to send out good vibes.

The messages from my Angels reminded me that I need to use my gifts, but now I study and be patient, because in 3 months I will be “flying high”.

I’m excited to watch for the Healing part. Karmen had me pick 12 cards for each month. I took notes and photo, maybe I’ll post updates in a blog.

Then I chose a card after asking my Angels a question, followed by a card that contained a message from them.

I enjoyed the time I spent getting this reading and chatting with Karmen. She’s so full of light and knowledge and I recommend everyone give it a try!" ~Angela