Feel joyful, abundant, and inspired as you start each day using this daily journal!

In this daily journal, you'll create over the next 3 months:

• How you would like to feel, which is how we show up in life

• One focused goal or intention to focus on for 3 months

• Daily goals or intentions

• Daily actions to accomplish these intentions

The daily journal also includes:

Numerology -- your personal year and the energies of each month

• Coloring pages designed by JoHenna Design

• And MORE!

Experience your goals in action! Everyday we’re co-creating through our thoughts and actions and this daily journal gives you the focus of intention to create your abundant, passionate purposeful life.

"This is a great tool to help you get up every day, set an intention, and live your life with purpose. I've learned so much about myself and my experiences since beginning my journal." ~ Sara Rivera

"What I love about this journal is how it keeps my intentions at the front of my mind. It keeps me on track to reach each goal and grow as a person. My favorite thing is the weekly card readings that go along with it. Karmen has put much care into this journal and continues to do so with those card readings." ~ Angela Leisure