Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and maybe anxious about what’s currently happening? Maybe you’re feeling unsure about your future? And you want to stop living from fear.

Feeling this way, isn’t your fault. You’ve been told and programmed to live in fear, to not listen to yourself nor your listen to your intuition. You’re doing what you’ve been taught by your family, church, and society. And frankly what humans do — we react.

And I know because I used to live in the victim paradigm living my life for everyone else. And at one time I thought God was punishing me and that I had a black cloud following me — for years. Until I started to understand the power I have and through God I can do anything. I started to uncover gifts I was given and turn my lessons into blessings impacting others along the way.

Reaction, living in fear, and victim mentality is all in a 3D paradigm and we are collectively shifting into a higher energy dimension called 5D where none of this exists. Love and unity exist in the 5D.

Would you like help with breaking out of old societal barriers? If this is you, you’re in the right place.

Here's a 5-week course where you'll receive new lessons each week on how to exit the matrix with faith and power.

Lessons include:

  • What is the matrix?
  • How to break down the walls that hold us in the matrix
  • What happened to choice?
  • Why are you failing to exit the matrix?
  • How to fail forward and live in Divine harmony?

Each week, you’ll receive a short video lesson giving you tangible tools you can use along with guidance on how to exit the matrix. You’ll also receive a journaling PDF to use in conjunction with each video lesson giving you the opportunity to activate these tools into your life.

As you use the tools given in each lesson, as you journal, and commit to yourself, you’ll start to notice a shift in your energy and in your perspective. You’ll start showing up differently and do life differently — creating a life you Love! It’s like anything thing else, the more you practice, the easier it gets and you find yourself living from a new paradigm.

Make a commitment to yourself today. Because you’re worth it. And as you shift, so do others around you. This is the best way to create change. Go within and do your personal work.

You'll be in an online community of like-minded beings. Every week a new lesson is available in the online group. You'll also receive coaching from Karmen as well.

Because there’s so much information covered in this 5-week course, you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course!

Click the button below and start exiting the matrix today!