Are you familiar with computer code? It's a written language the computer runs on as it's communication tool and typically only computer developers know or understand this language. It's very similar to the English or Spanish language, this is something that is learned in order to communicate. The Universe has a language of numbers. Through numerology and Angel numbers, these are ways to receive messages from the Universe and your Angel guides.

Understanding our “numbers” through numerology, shows us our Soul Contract. Our Soul Contract is a contract of lessons our Soul chose before we came to Earth. As we understand our Life Path, our Challenges, our Personal Year, and the monthly energies we can use this information when we make important decisions in our life. For example, the numbers help you know when the energies support you to launch a project or when the energies support you during change. For our purpose in the daily journal, the focus is to understand your Personal Year, and Personal Month. So let’s get started!

Your Personal Year goes from your birthday in your current year to your birthday the following year, cycling a Personal Year 1 through a Personal Year 9, and then beginning the cycle once more. How to calculate your Personal Year:

Take Your Birth Month + Your Birth Date + Current Year = Personal Year (MM/DD/YYYY)

Example (March 3, 2020):

    3 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 Personal Year

Always continue to add and get to a single digit.

The energies from your current Personal Year begin to shift 52 days before your birthday to the next Personal Year.

Your Personal Month is the energies of each month of the Personal Year you are currently experiencing. How to calculate your personal month:

Take your Personal Year that you calculated above + the number of the specific month in question = Personal Month


     1 (Personal Year per above) + January (1) = 2 Personal Month

     1 (Personal Year per above) + February (2) = 3 Personal Month

     1 (Personal Year per above) + March (3) = 4 Personal Month

Always continue to add and get to a single digit.

What Each Number Means:

Personal Year & Personal Month

1 = new beginnings, masculine energy, new doors are opening, keep thoughts positive, anything you start in a 1 personal year/month will continue

2 = nurturing, feminine energy, relationships, co-create, collaborate, partnerships

3 = creativity, this is a Spiritual number, expression, things start to bloom/grow

4 = create new foundations, law/order, security

5 = change! travel

6 = family, home, relationships

7 = go inward, loner energy, reflect, study, read

8 = abundance, ebb/flow, infinity, yin/yang, find harmony (balance doesn't exist)

9 = endings, let go, anything you start in this energy will not last or will shift and be different



In the daily journal, the focus is on your Personal Year and Personal Month. There's a lot more to numerology when we dive into your full date of birth and birth name. Click the button below and talk with Karmen if you'd like to understand your Soul Contract.