What story is holding you back from being the leader in your life? 


In your perspective, what constitutes as a strong leader? What qualities do you seek in a leader? What does being a leader mean? Everyone has a different vision of what being a leader looks like, acts like, and accomplishes. I invite you to write in your journal and answer these questions. Then ask yourself, how are you showing up?

For me, there’s a difference between leading and managing. In my experience, leading is empowering others to seek answers and be the leader. Managing is controlling people. When we lead, we create trust with others because we trust ourselves. When we manage, there is no trust which is where control comes into play. 

We look up to leaders. Leaders speak their truth and empower others to do the same. Leaders take risks and take a stand.

Think of the great leaders throughout history and ask yourself, who do you look up to? For me, one of the great leaders was Dr. Martin Luther King was a great leader who called for unity and equality in a world full of division and hate (sound familiar?). Now ask yourself why do you look up to this leader? What is it about them that resonates with you? After you write that down in your journal, reflect on it and ask yourself, can you see yourself in that leader? 

Now ask yourself, how am I leading my life? You get to CHOOSE how you lead your life. You choose how to show up and what you create in your life. You choose who and what you’re taking a stand for. When we stand in choice, we’re empowering ourselves. 

Why Did You?


“Why did you make me so upset?”

“Why did you do this to me?”

“Why did this happen to me?”

“Why did you make me _______?“

“I don’t have the money for that,” as I spend money on something that I don’t need but I want it.

What is the common theme in these questions and statements? There’s an outside force that is the cause of our experiences. This idea that an outside force is solely creating our lives and what we are experiencing in our lives, is an illusion of separation. It also allows us to not take personal responsibility which is also holding ourselves accountable.

It is so easy to shift the blame on to someone else or something else. And we do this all the time without realizing it. So when we shift the blame onto someone else or something else, we are giving them our power to create our life instead of us taking responsibility to create what we want to experience.

So how do you take your power back? How do you create the life that you want?

The first step is to take responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for your thoughts, your words, and your actions. How we co-create with the universe is first through our thoughts. Our thoughts create what we say, and what we say create our actions. The level of our energy vibration also plays into what we create. For example I can say I am abundant and if I don’t believe it and have a lower energy vibration of unworthiness, that energy vibration takes over what I say.

We tend to have the same thoughts every day running on a tape, over and over and over. This is our subconscious mind running on replay and it’s up to us to interrupt anything on replay that is not in our highest good. For example if you wake up every day and think, “I am fat,” you will gain weight. If you tell yourself every day you’re not good at using electronics, then you will not be good at using electronics. Because you’ve told the universe that this is something that you want. Which is to not be good at using electronics. So first, pay attention and observe your thoughts that are running over and over and over in your head every single day. Now it’s up to you to choose to be accountable for these thoughts and choose something different.

Now that you’ve decided to take accountability for these thoughts that are living in your subconscious mind and running your day, let’s focus on our words. The words we use have an energy vibration attached to them. For example if I say, “I have to clean my house now” versus “I get to clean my house now.” When you say these two phrases out loud, notice how you feel when you say, “have to” versus “get to.” We are always a choice on the words that we use and what we do. The first sentence implies that you’re being forced to clean your house by an outside force. The second sentence implies you are excited to have a clean home and are taking responsibility!

Are you starting to see how you were constantly making excuses instead of taking responsibility? Can you see how once you take responsibility or accountability you can create the life that YOU want.

During the vision workshops, we will put this into practice.  Create your 2021 Vision workshop is a virtual one day focus of creating a life you Love. Instead of focusing on resolutions, you will create an intention for every life area including one and tension to focus on for three months. You’ll receive the daily journal as well which will keep you focused each day on your one goal and give you action steps to take while you could create with your angels in the universe. Click here for details and grab your spot today! Seats are limited.


What Does This Full Moon Want You To Know?


This Full Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon — which is a new beginning after letting go. A new sense of freedom and having new experiences. This transit also sheds light on any relationship dynamics that need shifted or released; are there any old wounds related to your self-worth, your sexuality, and your need for freedom? This is a reminder that we are whole and complete and always have been. We don’t need anyone or anything to complete us.

Aires is a fire sign and brings us passion, courage, and motivation during this Full Moon. It’s the first sign of the zodiac and is focused on self — our internal fire. This is a reminder we each have passions, gifts, desires, and a higher purpose in this lifetime. Once you understand why you’re here and what your purpose is, it’s having the courage to step into and pursue it. Even if you’re not sure where to start, as you take one step, the Universe will meet you with support.

This Full Moon asks us, are you doing what you Love? What you’re passionate about?

Aires shadow side is one of anger, can feel volatile and aggressive, or frustration. Keep in mind all the different planets in retrograde currently and Mercury is in pre-shadow period now. Click here for a FREE calendar of the moon cycles, eclipses, and retrogrades. To learn more about how to work with Mercury Retrograde, contact me here.

If you feel restless, get your energy moving again by walking or practicing yoga to move your energy and refocus your mind. Also, when we feel this way, we may not be aligned with our highest good. It’s having the awareness and then choosing to shift.

Have you noticed a change in your what you eat, in your sleeping patterns, or exercise? Are you honoring yourself? When these changes occur it normally means you are shifting. Keep in mind, women are impacted by the change of seasons and the moon cycles. Show yourself grace and honor your needs.

During this Full Moon, we are being asked to grow and step into our magical amazingness sharing our gifts and passions making a difference for others! There’s a lot more to this Full Moon and please know that the Universe, God, Divine Source is here to support and Love us. At times, it may not feel like that and please know that in order to get to where God wants us, we must experience uncomfortableness and chaos for change to happen.

I encourage you to focus on what in this blog resonates with you and leave what doesn’t. If you’d like to understand how astrology impacts you and how to work and align with these energies, join the Live On Purpose course today. The next one starts November 10th.

Energy Stones 101


What are energy stones (aka crystals)? Why use them? How to use them?


How to Be Kind (LOVE) Instead of Being Right (EGO)


Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you KNEW you were right and they were wrong about a fact and you either:

1) argued with them or

2) decided to be kind instead of being right?

How did you feel when you made it a point to be right? Or on the flip side, when you chose to be kind instead?

The need to be right is when we are in our Ego or head. Ego is fear-based causing us to be defensive and take things personally.

Being right In essence it’s a judgment and judgements are really ya judging ourselves and projecting it onto everyone else. Judgment is an energetic wall that blocks us energetically and blocks our blessings and from receiving abundance.

We can’t manifest from our mind. We manifest from our soul. From our heart. From Love. Think of it from a vibration standpoint. When we are in our Ego or fear, it’s a lower energy vibration. Versus when we are in Love it’s a higher vibration energy. Love and fear cannot be in the same room together.

Slipping into judgment is so easy to do. we’ve been taught to judge ourselves, critique how we look, worry about what other people think. It’s an auto pilot reaction and takes Time to step out of and create a new way of being. Notice when your energy Vibrations drop, this becomes an easier time for judgment to creep in unknowingly. This is why it’s so important to meditate on the regular to not only keep your vibration high, it also heightens your awareness to win this does happen.

I recently found myself in a situation where I thought I was “helping a friend” not make the same mistakes I’ve made in my past. When I realized I am placing judgments on them, therefore placing judgments on myself. When In reality this is their lesson to learn, ultimately their soul contract (which I will discuss in a future blog).  Once I realized this, I blessed them and released them to continue along the path. And as I dropped the judgements, that created an energy shift. It takes a lot of energy to focus on something that’s not yours ultimately stealing your joy.

Here are 4 ways to shift from ego to Love:

  1. Awareness
    • You can gain awareness through meditation, yoga, and exercise.
  2. Forgiveness
    • Once you release the need to be right, forgive yourself and others, you’ve untied yourself energetically and opened up your energy fields.
  3. Self-Love
    • Keep one promise to yourself each day. Once you’ve done this successfully for an undetermined about of time, add another promise. When you do this, you’re seeing the evidence that yes, you are worthy and do deserve this one promise!
  4. Letting Go
    • Letting go energetically leads to letting go in the physical realm. I use “God Box” as one way to let go. God Box is something I do right before I fall asleep at night. I visualize an entity, it can be a God or an Angel whatever resonates with you, standing at the end of my bed holding a box with no top. Start to visualize any and all worries going into this box. Once you are finished, notice the entity places the top on the box and exits your bedroom. Notice how you feel before you let go, and then after.
    • Cutting energy cords is another form of letting go too. To learn more about how this works, ask in the Magical Musings Facebook group.

What are some of your favorite ways to move from ego to Love? Share them in the Magical Musings Facebook group! For other content like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

What Would You Like Your Life To Look Like?


Spiritual Synergy Sessions are a Universal monthly gathering of like-minded beings collectively learning and honoring the Divine Source. We discuss the Tao Te Ching, the current state of the world along with the moon cycle, the Bible, and anything else Spirit presents us. During the last Session in April, we discussed the 3rd verse in the Tao Te Ching. Watch the video to learn what we discovered.

As mentioned in the video, now is the best time to start working on yourself, going inward, and gain clarity and direction in your life and career. Start today with the Live On Purpose course. Continue the conversation in the Magical Musings Facebook group.

“Where Is The Love?” song by Black Eyed Peas


We run away from the hurt, the despair, the (fill in the blank darkness) in the world. For some of you, you are numb to seeing or hearing about it. For others, you don’t watch or read the news on purpose because you get attached to what you encounter. Can you learn about and understand what’s going on while not attaching to it AND DO something to help? What would this look like for you?

When we focus on fear, it impacts our physical health, our mental health, and our Spiritual health. Fear grows quickly and what we focus on grows! Start to notice in your body how you feel and where you feel it. When feelings or energy gets trapped in the body, it comes out as a dis-ease and there are ways to release it.

Isn’t it interesting how what we asked for and some even prayed for the change and when it happens we freak out because it came in a different package than how we thought it should look like. And how interesting is it the animals are now interacting on earth again. Makes ya wonder why they left? So what would it look like to live a new normal after the quarantine is over? What gets to change? Less on the calendar? Time focused on family and friends? Date night? The appreciation of eating out? This is our time to RESET our entire life.

So the question is how do you stay in a place of Love instead of fear?

  1. Meditate
    When you get still and go within, you're connecting with yourself and a higher power allowing you to raise your energy vibration. This energy vibration is felt by others before you enter any room. Need help meditating? Audio meditations are here.
  2. Use Affirmations
    Say and BELIEVE the daily affirmations. This also increases your energy vibration! Examples of affirmations are I am Love. I am abundant. I am always supported and shown the next steps. Life Loves me and I Love being here.
  3. Perspective Shift
    Ask yourself, which way are you choosing to look at the situation? Need help with a perspective shift? Contact me here.
  4. Smudge or Cleanse Your Energy
    You can burn white sage; burn charcoal - frankincense - myrrh; take a hot salt bath; take a walk in nature; or drink lots of water as this all cleanses your energy field. Click here for smudging supplies.
  5. Play Music and Move Your Body
    You may have heard of sound therapy. Music impacts not only the brain, it impacts our energy. Each sound affects our mood and energy levels. And when we play music, we tend to move our body which allows us to move our energy and drop into our hearts!

You are POWERFUL beyond measure. You have the ability to create whatever you want! You’re experiencing the evidence right now during this shut down. So the question is what will you create today? Fear or LOVE?

Let’s continue the conversation in the Magical Musing Facebook group. Sending you Much Love!

Another New Year, New Opportunities, New Choices, New Connection


We just experienced a New Year and a new decade on January 1st and some of you may be already seeking another starting point. Did the resolutions you create already fall apart? Are you coming off of the high from the holidays and experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) from the weather? If you are beating yourself up about your failures with your resolutions, read the last blog below.

As humans we enjoy a new beginning! We feel like that’s a great time to start something new. On January 25th it is the Lunar New Year also known as the Chinese New Year! 2020 is the year of the Rat in the Metal element in Chinese New Year. “All the actions initiated this year are driven by success. You need to follow your goals with confidence and determination. You will have the surety that everything is possible, that you are the creator of your own life and that yes, you have the power to be whoever you want to be.” - from https://www.thechinesezodiac.org/horoscope-2020/

Unfortunately, we tend to wait until we’re given a time that signals a new beginning to do so (new year, new month, new week, new day). The good news is we have opportunities each day and every second are given a new choice of what to do with these opportunities. If you are feeling lost and confused, it may be time to connect with yourself. When we are connected to who we are at our very core, the essence of our Spirit also known as Divine Source, it allows us to gain awareness and become alive! We start to see these opportunities that are in front of us and create a new reality through a different set of lenses. Click here to start your journey. Class starts February 1st with limited availability. As always the conversation continues in the Magical Musings Facebook group. .

(To read about the year of the rat click here: https://www.thechinesezodiac.org/horoscope-2020/  and to find your Chinese zodiac sign click here: https://www.thechinesezodiac.org/what-chinese-sign-am-i/)

Tips on How to Recover After Failure


This Friday is the Full Moon and Eclipse giving us the opportunity to both release and understand our true potential or what I call “magical amazingness.” For those who are in-tune to what’s happening in the cosmos, offer help to others to understand the changes in the energy and what they may be feeling. We are making shifts as a collective group and everyone is reacting differently based on our understanding and where we are along our journey.

So how does this tie-in with it being a new year? We like having a “fresh” start and create goals, resolutions, or what I prefer to create are intentions. So what happens as the newness of the year creeps away and we start not showing up for ourselves and those goals/resolutions/intentions start to fade. We skip the gym the first time; we eat the dessert; etc and then we say forget it! I can’t do this. And there go the dreams flying out the door.

First, you may feel like you failed. Congratulations!! You failed forward! Failure is a part of your success. The more times you fail, the closer you are to success!

Here’s 4 steps to take when you feel like you failed (forward):

1. Forgiveness
Forgive yourself and let it go! Cultivate your self-care practice.
2. Trust you're being redirected
Life isn’t happening to you it’s happening FOR you. When you change your perspective, you shift your energy and start raising your vibration. The higher the vibration, it’s easier to accomplish tasks because you’re out of your head (ego) and into your heart (your body).
3. Hit the reset button!
You can start over anytime. This includes during the day! You don’t need to wait for a new day. Every second of each breath we have the choice to start over. Give yourself grace - don’t beat yourself up and CHOOSE to begin again.
4. Keep promises to yourself.
When you keep one small promise to yourself a day, this creates a habit and confidence in yourself that yes you can accomplish one thing that you set out to do. Baby steps with consistent action!

To stay on track of your goals/resolutions/intentions, the daily journal gives you the tools to create how you’d like to feel and then you take two of those feelings and create 1 intention of something you’d like to accomplish in the next months. This also keeps you focused and on task each morning and evening. Plus you have access to an online community of like-minded people. Grab your own copy today and start living intentionally!

What IS Giving?


There’s all sorts of traditions for families. Giving gifts and seeing Santa tends to be the most important on everyone’s lists. After I read an article on how a parent explains Santa to her children I started to ask myself how Santa started. And why is Santa actually important during Christmas?

I get upset when I see how commercialized this day has become and how people are capitalizing on it more each year. It feels like it’s lost the real meaning of Christmas, which goes back to the last blog, “What IS Christmas?”

So why are we so focused on Santa and gift giving? Why do we only give to charities one time a year? Who really IS Santa? According to www.whychristmas.com, “In the early USA his name was 'Kris Kringle' (from the Christkind). Later, Dutch settlers in the USA took the old stories of St. Nicholas with them and Kris Kringle and St Nicholas became 'Sinterklaas' or as we now say 'Santa Claus’!”

Have you noticed how everything in the beginning started from the church and we decided as a society to take out Christ and/or the church? Something to think about.

So back to Santa…the Spirit of Santa is the true act of giving! And giving from our heart without any expectation of receiving anything in return and doing so anonymously.

Which is exactly what God did when God sent us Jesus. God wanted us to experience God and for us as humans to understand this, God sent us Jesus in human form. Which is why we celebrate Christmas - it’s a day to celebrate Jesus’ birthday! A day a gift was given to each of us in unconditional Love. The shepherds unconditionally gave gifts of myrrh, frankincense, and gold and showed grace to Mary and Joseph.

Giving unconditionally; Showing Grace; and Celebrating the Divine are all the theme of Christmas! Isn’t it interesting how this is the ONE time during the year we focus on giving? What would it look like if you gave unconditionally each day? How would this shift your life and other’s lives? What’s stopping you?

Let’s continue the discussion in the Magical Musings Facebook Group.

What IS Christmas and Grace?


During the Holiday season, we’re each experiencing something different. Some people are concerned how they’ll afford presents for the kids/family; some don’t want to deal with family or don’t have family; some Love this time of year!

What’s this Holiday season about anyway? It’s not really the day Jesus was born. “Christ-Mass” was a name originally given that turned into Christmas and now what we know today as commercialized urging people to buy presents and what we buy someone is more important than celebrating a baby who gives us Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. So what about this baby? We all know the story. It’s the same story told in churches each year. Humans created traditions both in church and with the families/friends. There’s so much weight that goes along with this Holiday. Heck when I wish someone a “Merry Christmas” it’s a 50/50 chance of them being offended (I still say Merry Christmas!). If you celebrate Hanukah, wish me Happy Hanukah! When did we start to CHOOSE to take offense to what other’s understanding is and start judging them for it. It’s like when social media came on the scene, it got worse. Or did it just bring all of it to light? Or give us “permission” to judge, say mean things to people we don’t know, etc. And so the question is…what would you like to do now? Because we’re all at choice. Everyday. Each interaction.

One thing I’m learning about myself is I learned to not give myself grace. Which means I don’t give others (only a few) grace in return. Because how we treat ourself is how we treat others. A lot was expected from me at an early age and therefore I expect the same from others. And guess what? They aren’t me. I’m a Unicorn. And I understand that no one else can or will do what I do to the level I do it. This is where GRACE enters.

So let’s go back to those 4 words we focus on during Advent: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. I’m going to add in GRACE. What would the Christmas story look like now adding in Grace? How would that shift today’s society? How would that shift for you?

Now, I’m writing this during the week of a Full Moon in the last month of the decade. AND a New Moon and the beginning of the eclipse portal is on December 26th - the day after Christmas (which is also Kwanzaa for those who celebrate it). It’s not a coincidence the New Moon which is a time of RENEWAL is the day after Christmas which is a symbol of Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, and GRACE. It’s not a coincidence the eclipse starts at the end of a decade supporting us to LET GO as we enter in a new decade - a new energy - a new numerology year of the number 4 which is foundations!

20/20 Vision = Clear Vision, and all of this is created by the Divine.

Yes, I understand Jesus walked this Earth. I understand God sent him to us so we can understand who or what God is and connect with God (that’s the inner-Divine-self that lives within you I talk about). I recently encountered the Christ consciousness and would like you to know during this Holiday time, you are Loved and supported by so many beings and things you can’t even start to see or comprehend.

If you so choose, below is a Celebration Ritual for the Full Moon giving you tools to align with the energies.

May you experience Hope.

May you experience Love.

May you experience Joy.

May you experience Peace.

May you experience GRACE.

Sending you all Much Love!

Let’s continue the discussion in the Magical Musings Facebook Group.

Celebration Ritual for the Full Moon

Write on a sheet of paper everything you’re letting go of (toxic ideas, relationships, bad habits, etc).

Sit in meditation for a minimum of 5 minutes visualizing what you ARE creating in your life and FEEL how it feels to experience it.

Take that sheet of paper you wrote what you’re letting go of and burn it, releasing it into the ethers of the Universe.

Give thanks for what resonates with you! Think of this as your appreciation time. And ask for this or something better.

? Food for Thought & New Moon Ritual


Each spring I take the plant in the picture and place it outside for it to flourish and grow. Each fall, as soon as the temperatures drop outside, I bring the plant inside protecting it from the potential frostbite and dying. I’ve noticed over the past few years while the plant is inside, it doesn’t grow very well. In fact it was on its last leg earlier this year before I placed it outside. I can’t get over the amount of growth including the number of new leaves as it spread in its container!! It looks like a brand new plant I just bought from the store.

This plant represents us, as Spiritual beings, living our every day lives throughout our journey here on earth. There are times when we feel that life can’t get any worse. We feel there’s no way out. We don’t see any rainbows, only dark clouds above our heads. After we experience support, Love, nurturing, food for our soul — all from the Divine Source — that we start to experience a shift in our life. When we are connected with the Divine Source within us, being present and aware, can we live life on purpose and with intention. The beauty is, the choice is ours. We get to choose how we spend our time, who we spend our time with, what thoughts we think, how we show up, how we interact with others. And all of these things are what nurtures us, supports us, and is ultimate food for our soul. Just as the plants provides oxygen for the air we breathe, we bloom and grow and start to share our gifts with everyone around us giving life to each of them.

We now start to experience possibilities!

And the growing continues…during this New Moon on Sunday, sit in a quiet space, place your hand over you heart, get centered and connect with your inner-Divine-self. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Do this for about 5-10 minutes. Then take out a sheet of paper and start to create your intentions for the next 30 days. While you’re writing down your intentions, start to really feel what it would feel like as if they’re already in your life.

It’s time to start living life on purpose and create a life you Love! Start here today.

Energy Update | October 11, 2019 vlog

ICYMI: Full Moon Today and…


Today’s a Full Moon, Uranus started it’s retrograde on the 12th, Jupiter turns direct, we’re wrapping up the post shadow period for Mercury Retrograde, and the planets still in retrograde are: Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron. Retrograde is when the earth passes another planet it gives the illusion that the planet slows down, stops and then goes into reverse. Although the planets do not actually spin backwards, they appear as if they do so. As the planet's energy is internalised, we also turn everything inwards where it becomes magnified and then powerfully impacts everything currently happening in our personal lives.

A snippet of how it impacts us when these planets are in retrograde:

  • Pluto helps us self-analyze and impacts our power and passion. Allow yourself to detox negative feeling facing the parts of you that you don’t love and changing them.
  • When Saturn retrogrades, we get a break from new lessons and a chance to revisit old ones. We receive the opportunity to rebuild any part of our life as Saturn impacts the “we reap what we sow” idea giving us a reality check.
  • Neptune in retrograde can mean old deceptions come up again. Meditation will help clear your head and help you become sure again
  • Chiron in retrograde means we’re healing wounds in relation to our self-worth and our self-awareness.
  • Uranus, the gigantic ice planet, is the ruler of rebellion, freedom, change and revolutions. There is no escaping from the transformation Uranus in retrograde brings; we will be compelled to seek the answers to questions that have eluded us for months or even years and we will leave no stone unturned until we solve the puzzles.

Now as you’re becoming aware of the different planetary alignments, notice each day how they’re impacting your life. Ask yourself, how can you flow with this energy? What new perspective can you have? For example, instead of asking “why is this happening to me?” ask “what’s the lesson?” Remember, what you resist persists. So allow yourself to be in the flow each day. Whatever you choose to do, get intentional when you do it. And ask yourself, are you trusting the unseen energy forces (Universe, God, etc) or are you trying to control something you really can’t? When you try and control (which is an illusion itself), you’re telling God you don’t trust it nor trust yourself.

Celebration Ritual for Full Moon:

  • Write on a sheet of paper everything you’re letting go of (toxic ideas, relationships, bad habits, etc).
  • Sit in meditation for a minimum of 5 minutes visualizing what you ARE creating in your life and FEEL how it feels to experience it.
  • Take that sheet of paper you wrote what you’re letting go of and burn it, releasing it into the ethers of the Universe.
  • Give thanks for what resonates with you! Think of this as your appreciation time. And ask for this or something better.

The discussion continues in the Magical Musings Facebook Group.

Seize Your Opportunities!



If you had

One shot

Or one opportunity

To seize everything you ever wanted

In one moment

Would you capture it

Or just let it slip?” -Eminem

Everyone has a dream or two they don’t openly share because they’re afraid others will laugh at it or worse yet, no one will support them. And then next thing you know, we forget about our dreams we so passionately thought about each day.

I’d like to share a story with you. A few months ago, I was with five other individuals and it was our task to climb over a wall. We were given parameters to complete this task within and I was the first one to go. I have a fear of heights and was determined and fully committed to be on the other side of the wall without any clue as to how this would happen. Once I was hoisted up, I started to freak out as I was unsure of my next steps (sound familiar?). I looked down and realized every person was there to support me and help me no matter what. They were 100% committed to ensure my safety and getting me over that wall. I decided to do whatever it takes and pulled myself up, swung my leg over the wall, then the other leg and stood on the other side looking down realizing what just happened. I started screaming to the top of my lungs out of excitement and shock and I wanted everyone else to join me on this side of the wall. This exercise is something I still think about to this day. Especially when I feel like I’m hitting a wall and am unsure of my next steps. And I used to say next RIGHT steps, and am understanding that it’s the next steps that count. The forward movement in uncertainty and belief is what counts.

Sometimes we create our own walls which are simply there for us to learn a lesson. The lesson for me that day is I didn’t need to know the mechanism or the how. It takes believing in myself 100% that no matter what, I was making it over to the other side of that wall. Determination, commitment, having a focused clear intention, and action is all that’s needed. The rest takes care of itself.

Have you been unsure of your next steps to the point you’re paralyzed and don’t take action? And next thing you know, the dream got lost. I sure have. It’s part of the learning process of life and I’m here to help as your guide. Hit me up here.

ICYMI: Today Starts A Spiritual Reset


Today starts the Galactic New Year which is also known as a cosmic year. This is the duration of time required for the Sun to orbit once around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s estimated that the length of one orbit ranges from 225 to 250 million terrestrial years.

With the Galactic New Year, we’re moving into a shift to the Divine feminine energy in this 13 year cycle. It’s been happening and most people are calling it “the awakening.” On July 29th during the New Moon, the soul will pull in the right people through a magnetic tie and some of you may not feel this activation until Aug 1st-3rd. During this activation, you may have an active dream state and/or notice an increase in signs and synchronicities. People may experience massive changes in their life because of the conjunction with Venus and Mars on Aug 24th. We're wrapping up an 8-year cycle connected to 2012 and it’s taking place through June 2020. It's all our choice to awaken! Some of you may have noticed a change in how we operate within time constructs. This is due to the base frequency of the matrix, the 12 month calendar and 60 min clock, also known as the 1260 timing frequency is changing. We're moving into a new cycle and it feels like we’re living outside of time. Everything is based on numbers and frequency in this reality. Through synchronicities we’re gaining activations and tuning into higher octaves which shifts your fields moving them into new timelines. Your conscious or body is connecting with the spiritual/energy and along a new timeline. For some, certain karmic debts are being cleared IF your soul is ready to clear them.

Welcome to a time of spiritual reset, an opportunity to clear past karma, awaken and renew! In your journal, write down a minimum of 3 lessons you've learned over the last 13 years and show appreciation for them and then release them. If you'd like, you can write them on a sheet of paper, show appreciation, and then burn the paper as a release.

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Have We Forgotten the “Independence” in Independence Day?


It’s Independence Day! So what does "independence" mean?

I bring up the meaning of independence because so many of us have created our own prisons in a way. We’ve created our own boxes and then complain that we can’t do what we want, we don’t have enough time or money and the list goes on. The truth is yes, there’s a “big brother” and I’m not sure if that’s ever going to change. We also live in a country where we have freedoms that many in the world do not experience. Which is one of the many reasons those people migrate to the USA. So let’s discuss the boxes we’re creating for ourselves. I believe it’s due to comparing ourselves thanks to social media. We’re purchasing material items to feel better about ourselves as we compare what we have with others. Not realizing that everyone’s on their own journey! We’re busy judging and complaining about how broke we are after we just shopped for shit we don’t need, ate at the most expensive restaurant because it’s new and trendy, and are spending time with people who we really don’t like to begin with. We’ve given up our ability to choose therefore our independence. We’ve given up our voice, our time, our money to be someone who we are not just to fit into society’s mold of who we should be. When you’re tired of expending your time, energy, and money on people, material things, situations that are not of your highest good, is when you find freedom. Freedom in choice. Freedom of time and money. Freedom of being who you are and sharing that with those who support and Love you. This is gonna take you breaking a mold others have you in and it’s possible! You are possibility.

If you’d like to start this journey today, let’s talk.

Happy Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse!


Eclipses shut doors unexpectedly allowing new doors to appear. The doors that shut were inevitably going to close anyway, and the eclipse does it for you. Today’s the last day of the eclipse doorway with another couple of weeks for post shadow period. Post shadow is when any loose ends are tied up that didn’t get taken care of during the eclipse.

Retrogrades take us back over old ground allowing us to review where we’ve been and make any necessary tweaks. Instead of fighting the retrogrades and being upset that they're happening, I invite you to embrace them by giving appreciation for what they bring up in your life for you to deal with it before you heal it and move forward. It's about perspective.

“Mercury Retrograde does have a divine purpose beneath all the annoyances, and it’s to present us with a riddle or puzzle. During Mercury Retrograde, we strengthen our neural connections and form new pathways by going a way we wouldn’t have normally gone. Mercury is the god of transit, which means it’s about being in between. We’re not completely in the clear to start The New Thing because there are still loose ends we need to tie up, and sometimes that means going back or reflecting in order to complete the stage of the process we’re already in. We can’t have the answers just handed to us — unfortunately! We have to figure it out ourselves, and sometimes we do this by being reminded of something from our past, or by having to redo something we thought was finished.” -The Daily Hunch

To maximize these energies here's a free ritual:

Take a few minutes during tonight's Full Moon & Eclipse and in your journal, answer the following questions:

• What’s been coming up for you over the last 3 weeks? What or whom have you been thinking about?
• What life area keeps coming up for you to revisit (list them)?

I invite you to sit in meditation or quiet for 5-10 minutes to connect with your inner-Divine-self and see what comes up for you around these situations that are coming back for you to review.

After your meditation or quiet time, take a few minutes to journal what came up for you.

You get the choice to heal this situation and allow it to stay in the past by fully letting go. When you let go energetically, you then experience the letting go in your physical reality.

For the last step in tonight's ritual, write down everything you'd like to experience over the next 6 months and FEEL as if it's happening. Your mind doesn't know the difference which is why FEELING and BEING is the key to manifesting because those are energy vibrations the Universe picks up on and returns to you. You can either hold onto your list or burn it which gives it to the Universe.

Sending you all Much Love!
Karmen xo

As always, the action happens in our Magical Musings Facebook group. Share your experience or ask any questions.

Time of Letting Go and Transformation


On June 17th we experienced a Full Moon. June 21st is Summer Solstice with Eclipse Season in July (we’re currently in the pre-shadow for the eclipses). All of these occurrences support us in letting go.

In July, after we experience the eclipse pair (also known as eclipse season) this wraps up our galactic year. So the last eclipse moon in July is the first moon of the next galactic year (the year of Divine energy). This next galactic year is focused on finding our purpose. Manifestations are speeding up.

During this time, notice your thoughts, how you’re feeling and where in your body you’re feeling it. The Universe has set us up for this time of change and transformation. When you TRUST and let go on your own, this transition will most likely go smoothly. If you try and control it and hold on, you may struggle.

The Universe, God, Angels, Divine Source — whatever word resonates with you — sees the entire picture. We humans do not (we wish we did!). Which is why it's important for us to tap into our inner-Divine-selves, the Divine energy within us, also know as our intuition.  As you experience situations and aren’t sure why this is happening, ask yourself what’s your lesson? What’s the blessing? How did I co-create this experience?

Everything is happening FOR you. It’s all in how you shift your perspective. Know that you’re on the right track. Keep moving forward with intention and allow the Universe to support you during your time of transformation.

Gather with like-minded people in the Magical Musings Facebook group.

Sending you all Much Love!

P.S. Watch my talk here about perspective shifts.

Are You Feeling Wonky Lately? Here’s Why…


When you’re in the present moment, you’re in your heart and body, in you’re being-ness. Your mind is no longer racing as to what you’re gonna say or do, what may or may not happen. When you’re present, you’re awareness is hightened. And in this moment, you can start connecting with your inner-Divine-self also known as your intuition.

During this upcoming eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde all happening in July, be present and notice how you’re feeling and where you feel it in your body. Eclipses speed up time by opening new doors and slamming others shut. You’ll experience abrupt shifts which is speeding up the inevitable. If you’ve been dragging your feet, eclipses will give you the extra push or shove you need to take action. Don’t try and guess or control the outcome as that makes it worse. Be present and go with the flow.

Retrogrades take us over old ground allowing us to rethink, reflect, reconnect, repair, reconsider, renegotiate, revise, re-communicate, retreat, redo.

Here’s 4 tips to get you through July:

  1. Meditate Daily
    • There's different types of meditation - 5 minutes a day does the trick! Click here to learn the benefits.
  2. Self-Care
    • Take care of you by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods, and get a full night’s rest.
    • Don't push yourself and rest as needed.
  3. Journal
    • Journaling allows you to get thoughts onto paper freeing up your mental space. It's a release and you can see things differently when they're on paper allowing you to create what you'd like.
    • Click here to learn about my daily journal setting you up to create the life you love!
  4. Let Go
    • Control is an illusion! We can control how we react and how we show up. Those are choices. Every minute of each day we get to choose everything from our perspective, how we show up (our energy enters the room before we do), how we react and interact with others. Drop into your heart and body and have fun!

Sending you Much Love!

The “A” Buzzword | Appreciation over Apologizing


Instead of apologizing, show appreciation in place of saying “I’m sorry.” For example, instead of saying “I’m sorry for being late” you can say “I appreciate your patience.” So think about what does this look like for you?

Now of course if you messed up and an apology is in order, than please do so. What I’m referring to is when we apologize for every little thing. You know someone who does this or it could be you. They can’t help and apologize every few minutes. It’s almost like they don’t matter and they’re apologizing for their very existence.

Now once you start to show appreciation instead of apologizing, notice how this feels and notice where you feel it in your body.

As we start to change the words we use, our energy shifts and as our energy shifts so does our outer world. To understand how this works, watch my talk during “Walk the Talk.” And chime in with your findings in the Magical Musings group on Facebook!

Energy Update!  (vlog)




Stop living your life on auto-pilot and in reaction. How to live with intention and create your life!

  1. Be Present
    When we're not present we're either focused on controlling the future and we experience anxiety or we focus on the past and we experience depression. There's only ONE moment and that's the present moment!
  2. What would you like to experience?
    How would you like to feel? That's the bottom line. Your feelings are what call things into your life to experience! Once you determine how you'd like to feel...
  3. Take the appropriate steps to have it happen no matter what!
  4. For clarity in direction, to understand how everything around you impacts you and how to align with these energies, learn about your passions & gifts, AND enjoy life again get intentional and participate in the online course, Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose, today!

How Are You Graduating In Your Life?


Isn’t it interesting how we experience “graduations” throughout life even if we’re not in a formal school setting? Because we’re living in the school of life and we graduate as we learn lessons and let go of what no longer serves us. When there’s a lesson for us to learn, it gets louder and bigger until we learn the lesson. There is no end point you’re rushing to get to. In fact, when you’re rushing to get anywhere, it’s a good way to set yourself up to fail. Steady is the way to go - I call this consistent action daily.

Some of you may be experiencing transformative times recently. During the month of May, we integrated what we’ve learned and some of you may have allowed old timelines to fall away that no longer serve you. Notice how when you’re graduating in your life as you move forward in your life. How often are you celebrating yourself? The little wins?

The upcoming New Moon on June 3rd supports us in manifesting what we’d like in our lives as well as letting us know it’s never too late to change our perspective as it may reveal a new truth. What is it that you’d like to graduate to in your life? Be specific and clear and really feel what it feels like to have this already in your life.

I’m excited to hear what this looks like for you! Share in the Magical Musings Facebook group so we can support you along your journey!

How to Co-Create through Purpose and Intention


Ask yourself what’s the purpose of this new habit you would like to create? What’s your intention? Is this habit serving your highest good? Once you’re aligned with what’s in your highest good, it’s time to take action.

Some say it takes 40 days to create a habit. The key is to commit to doing it every day. If you don’t have commitment, you choose to not do it. Once you are committed not matter what happens, nothing can stop you.

Each day if you falter, forgive yourself and refocus. We spend a lot of time beating up ourselves which calls in the opposite of what we’d like. What you focus on expands!

Start to notice how you’re feeling while in this new habit. Awareness brings our attention to what’s wanted and needed. Maybe there’s something that could use tweaking. We have a tendency to judge ourselves if an adjustment is best. Release judgement and show appreciation! With anything new, there’s always an adjustment period. Give yourself some grace.

During the Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose course, you’re given tools to create new habits daily. Stay connected with like-minded individuals in our Magical Musings group and sharing your findings!

This Full Moon = Release and Transformation


May’s theme is visualizing the bigger picture and integrating what we’ve learned. For some people, it’s about dropping old timelines as we no longer accept old realities.

This Full Moon is asking us to shed and peel back the layers that block us from stepping into our authentic selves and into the fullness of our being, which means fulling stepping into self Love. We’re healing any heart wounds and all blockages for Love to flow.

Tips on how to take care of your body during energy upgrades or solar flares:

• Drink plenty of water

• Take epsom salt baths (can add essential oils)

• Sleep to integrate the energy

• Drink green tea

• Take vitamin C

A fun ritual the night of the Full Moon is:

  1. Write down what you’re shedding (negative thoughts/words, scarcity mindset, anything that no longer serves you, etc) and burn it under the moon sending the energy into the ethers.
  2. Meditate on what you are co-creating over the next few weeks.
  3. Cleanse your home by burning sage or charcoal/frankincense/myrrh.
  4. Take a hot epsom salt bath.

Tips on How to Course Correct after a Setback


Setbacks are simply a course redirection by God which is because there’s something better for you or keeping you from experiencing something not of your highest good. Here’s 3 tips on how to course correct after a setback:

  1. Go inward, get in nature (meditation, silence, cleanse your energy)• Get reconnected with your inner-Divine-self and breathe. Recenter yourself and let go of trying to control things you have not control over anyway.
  2. Use energy stones to align your energies• Carry energy stones with you or have them at work on your desk. With each energy stone, create an intention or intended use for that particular stone. For example, for the rose quartz you can create n intention for it to keep your heart chakra (energy) open. During a setback, hold an energy stone as you go inward and allow it to work it’s magic! You’ll experience harmony as these energy stones align with your chakras or energy wheels.
  3. When in doubt, focus out!• Stop focusing on what went wrong, blaming and shaming yourself or others and refocus on those around you. Who could help at this given moment? Flash your pearly whites at the next stranger you see. Focus your energy outward in service to others and notice how your energy shifts.

Share your experiences in the Magical Musings Facebook group.



So how aware are you on a scale of 1-10? (1 being not aware at all and 10 being hyper aware)

Are you aware of the words you use? Of your body language? Of the thoughts in your head? The silence in between conversations and what’s not said? Even hearing the tone in someone’s voice can tell you details you can’t get from texting or email.

Awareness is key to any change and there are different ways to gain awareness. Here’s a few of my favorites:

1. Meditation

2. Journaling or Brain Dumps

3. Talk with your Angel guides (or whatever resonates with you)

I teach you how to do each of these along with other topics in the "Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose" course! For details, click here.

How To Process Thoughts & Gain Clarity


Why Journal? “One simple way to process your emotions, gain insight and clear your head is through journaling. It is particularly good for liberating yourself from self-limiting beliefs and thoughts, healing emotional pain, finding new meaning and purpose and supporting spiritual growth.” Blog by Mark Atkinson, MBBS called “The Power of Journaling”

This is one of the many reasons I use journaling as a tool while meditating, creating my day, and in all the services I offer.

Journaling isn’t anything fancy nor do you need a fancy journal to write in. It’s simply a brain dump on paper along with a date if you choose.

Notice how many thoughts are in your head that could potentially get stuck throughout your body energetically. When energy is stuck in our body, that is what causes illness and pain to name a few.

Your challenge for the next 7 days, journal each day and notice how you feel in your body and where you feel it.

Stay tuned for the daily journal, “Co-Create Your Abundant, Passionate Purposeful Life!”

If you do have energy stuck in your body, I teach EFT tapping in the courses and with private clients. EFT tapping is a way to release the energy blocks in your body.

How’d you do in the challenge? Let’s us know in Magical Musings on Facebook!

What does Easter, the Full Moon, and Jupiter Retrograde Have in Common?


Holy week tends to be a time of somber reflection of the judgements that were made towards Jesus along with the decisions that came from fear of those who judged. Spoiler alert…on Sunday, it’s a day of celebration as Jesus rose from the dead giving us a sense of renewal and abundance!

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, luck, and finances. With Jupiter in retrograde it takes us inward and back over old ground causing contemplation of our consciousness. During this Full Moon, we may experience unexpected events and as long as we stay open-minded, we’re in for a pleasant surprise. Lean in and go with the flow instead of resisting.

Just as those who were open-minded and stayed faithful when Jesus died a gruesome death on the cross, they were pleasantly surprised to find the tomb was empty giving an abundance of life and renewal to all humans.

A fun fact for you! Did you know Easter is always the first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Spring equinox. Interesting how Holidays are determined based on the moon patterns and the natural rhythm of the planet.

Are you starting to understand how we’re all one and connected through these invisible energy cords? Be sure to join Magical Musings on Facebook.

Now What?


Have you noticed we humans make a bigger deal out of certain things than what they really are? Like Mercury Retrograde for example. You create this idea or scenario in your mind of how something horrible is going to happen and in reality that was a story you created in your own minds. Like most things, these situations are opportunities to support your personal growth. When you truly align with the Mercury Retrograde energies (which I speak of in previous blogs), this is an opportune time for you to grow in your life!

Every thought, word, and feeling is energy sent to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t know what’s real or have a sense of humor for those who enjoy sarcasm like myself. So when you create a scenario or say this is what you don’t want, the Universe sends it to you!

Here’s some words to update in your vocabulary:

  • Replace "need" or "want" with "would like"
  • Replace "but" with "and"
  • Replace "try" with "intend"
  • Replace "have to" with "get to"

Over the next 30 days, update your vocabulary with these words and see how you feel and how your life changes! Share with us in the Magical Musings group.

Are You Ready for Little Miracles in April?


March felt sticky as things wouldn’t get off the ground due to Mercury being retrograde. We begin April with no planets in retrograde and things feel lighter as they start to move forward again. On Friday, April 5th, we’ll have a New Moon in Aires. New Moons allow us a time to re-set our intentions for the month.

According to Audrey Kitching, “April will treat us well and bring lots of little miracles that are needed and deserved.”

So how often are you trusting the Universe and trusting yourself? When we trust ourselves, we’re essentially trusting the Divine Source who created us. We have the power within us and this New Moon asks us to step into our power.

Our power center or “gut instinct” is our Solar Plexus Chakra which is in the middle of our body above your belly button. Notice how your “gut” feels when you make decisions. If you’re making a not so good decision, your “gut” is poking at you saying, “Red flag! Don’t do it.” Yet how often are we listening to our “gut instinct” which is our intuition? If you’re interested in learning how to trust yourself, click here.

Who Are My Angel Guides?


Our Angel Guides communicate with us daily in multiple ways. One way is during an Angel Card reading which is a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Like Tarot cards, Angel Cards can give insight into relationships, careers, and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions. The messages are from your Angels or Spirit guides.

There are thousands of Angels and depending on how you believe, you may resonate with only a few. Angels are energy forms — just like Mythology — we humans like to create them to look like a human. An Archangel is the chief messenger or a higher messenger, who is above the Angel. Angels are known to be messengers that connect mankind to heaven.

Your Angels connect you with the Divine energy of God co-creating your life. Over the years, we have created a division between the energy community and the organized religion community. In essence creating a division between our relationship with us and God. We’re all one energy form living a human existence.

To learn more about how your Angel Guides communicate with you, join the course, “Co-Create Your Passionate Purposeful Life.”

Happy Spring & the Start of Astrological New Year!


Yesterday, we experienced a Full Worm Moon in Libra + Spring arrived! And we're in the Mercury Retrograde “action” phase. Phew! Yeah there’s a lot going on in the cosmos. Click here to learn what to expect and how you can align yourself with the energies.

The Spring equinox marks the start of the astrological new year which is one of the reasons it’s a time of new beginnings and renewal! We experience the revival of Spirit in the blooming of the trees and plants along within ourselves.

The Full Moon in Leo teaches us that in our vulnerability lies our strength. We become the leader of our life. The question is are you honest and clear about what are your intentions? This is the time to be unapologetically you. Align yourself with the courageous lion and go after what you want!

Talk about a powerful energy all during the “action” phase of Mercury Retrograde! Believe in yourself and take action on the lessons that are coming up for you.

If you’re feeling wonky or a little “off,” come in and have your energy wheels or chakras balanced and realigned with the current energies.

Tips on Creating What You Desire!


When you declare an intention, you’re claiming it and telling the Universe it’s a done deal. I create intentions for my day, my meetings, my week, my year, whatever I encounter I’m creating an intention for it. Your energy changes when you go in WITH an intention in mind. I used to create stories of what someone would say and how they’d react which basically created what I’d fear would happen and then I created just that — what I didn’t want instead of my desired outcome.

When creating your intentions, ask yourself what do you desire to create? What feelings are you evoking? Here are a couple of examples of creating intentions: "I intend to create connection and playfulness today!" "I intend to have fun and have my 3 questions answered during this meeting today." When you set intentions, you’re setting yourself up for a win-win! It’s a win for you and a win for those around you.

Are you journaling each morning and focused on your intentions? Do you see your yearly intentions each day? If not, stay tuned on where you can get a daily journal that guides you on how to create your yearly and daily intentions and how to co-create experiencing them coming to life!

How Astrology Impacts You


On March 5th, the planet Mercury went retrograde. On March 6th we experienced a New Moon in Pisces. The alignment of the planets, sun, and moon all impacts our daily lives.

Most people have heard about Mercury retrograde because Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times a year. Mercury is a “trickster” and impacts our communication. Unfortunately it gets a bad rap, when in reality during this time, we’re given many gifts and lessons. It’s all in your perspective and how you navigate these energies.

During the New Moon, we focus on creating our intentions and desires. It’s a great time to clear the energy in your home by smudging which is burning sage or charcoal/frankincense/myrrh. Depending on which astrological sign the New Moon is in along with how the other planets and the Sun are aligned, depends on how we feel the impact here on Earth. Also keep in mind the moon, for example, impacts water and humans are mostly made up of water.

Everything and everyone is energy! This means we’re all made out of atoms vibrating so quickly it turns into physical matter. We’re born as a Spiritual being in a human body so we can have experiences, share our gifts, and ultimately live out our purpose.

We’re all connected through invisible energy cords.  For example, when you’re thinking of someone and they call, you sent out the vibration to them, they picked it up and took action.

To learn more about the moons and retrogrades, read my blog from 2.14.19. For a deeper dive in how astrology, Angels, and God are all connected, join the Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose course today!

Energy Re-Balance aka Chakra Balancing 101!


The word "chakra" is sanskrit translating to "wheel." The life force, or prana that moves inside of you in spinning and rotating as wheels. This energy has 7 centers throughout your body, starting at the base of your spine and moving up past the top of your head. In a healthy, balanced person, the 7 chakras provide the right amount of energy to every part of your body, mind, and spirit.

A few ways to know when to have your energy re-balance:

  • Feeling stuck or frustrated?
  • Are you judging yourself and others?
  • Are you stressed, maybe not sleeping?
  • Are you feeling erratic or stuck?
  • Having difficulty making an important decision?

Chakras also impact the rest of your body including your organs, mind, and Spirit. When your chakras are in balance, they work in perfect harmony with the others allowing you to show up as your optimum self!

Root (1st) Survival and Physical Needs

Sacral (2nd) Personal Pleasure

Solar Plexus (3rd) Personal Power

Heart (4th) Love and Relationships

Throat (5th) Self-Expression and Communication

Third Eye (6th) Intuition and Wisdom

Crown (7th) Connection to Divine Wisdom

In your daily meditation, use these affirmations for each chakra (in the photo shown). During energy transitions - such as the current one we’re in, is a great time to have your chakras professionally aligned. When you come in and have your chakras balanced or aligned, you’ll receive one energy stone of your choice. Share your questions in the Magical Musings group on Facebook.

Tips to Prepare for the Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde


The Moon is called the “Queen of Emotions" and represents the "feminine" principle: the instinctual, the intuitive, the maternal, the emotional, and the soul.

The ever-fluctuating moon is a stimulator and an activator of all the other planets in the solar system — much in the same way that it's a stimulator and an activator of the ocean's tides. Humans are mostly water. The Moon’s gravity pulls on the part of Earth it is closest to and with it, the water. The tides are impacted by the moon, our bodies are too impacted by the moon. The moon spends roughly two and a half days in each sign, governing emotions and moods and is the emotional power of our life force impacting the ways we mother ourselves and have been mothered.

Full Moons are a time of letting go and New Moons are a time of setting intentions and manifesting your desires. Depending on which zodiac sign they’re in and how they’re positioned in the sky, depends on how they impact us. These energies are felt 3 days before and 3 days after each Full and New Moon. The moon has a cycle and in between each full and new moon  there’s a waning and waxing period too.

Retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards. Imagine you are riding on a train and outside the window you see someone riding a horse. They’re going fast but the train is going faster and eventually as the train moves past the person and the horse, they appear to move backwards. That’s how it works with retrograde planets from our view point on Earth. Retrogrades takes us over old ground and depending on which planet is in retrograde, depends on what we’re going over old ground in our lives. For example, Mercury impacts communication, technology, and contracts to name a few items. There’s a pre-shadow period leading up to each retrograde. TIP: Notice what comes up for you during this pre-shadow period, where are your thoughts, what new projects are you working on, who’s coming back from your past, etc. This gives you an idea of what you’ll work through during the Mercury retrograde. There’s also a post-shadow period after each retrograde when the planet starts moving direct again giving us time to wrap-up any loose ends that weren’t tended to during the retrograde.

Retrogrades Calendar



Mercury Pre-Shadow Dates:
February 19th - March 4th

Mercury Retrograde Dates:
March 5th - March 28th


TIP: Start noticing in your body how you’re feeling when it’s a Full Moon and New Moon. A fun ritual to do during any Full Moon is write down on a sheet of paper what’s no longer serving you, say a blessing, and burn the paper sending it to the ethers allowing the Universe to support you.

This is just the beginning! Share your findings in the Magical Musings Facebook group. Grab your moon, retrograde, and eclipse calendars here.

Tips on How to Connect for Stronger Relationships ?


We as humans are wired for connection! Connecting with others starts with us as our energy is felt before we enter a room. Sure we can (and I highly recommend) put our phones away on silent when we're with others, yet there's more to connecting. Here's tips to open your heart chakra and connect with others:

1. Heart Chakra

Chakras are energy wheels running along your spine and your heart chakra is your 4th energy wheel around your heart.

To help open your heart chakra, sit in quiet, close your eyes, visualize pink light around your heart area growing in brightness and in size; or visualize this chakra as a door opening in pink light. Be sure to experience (feel) gratitude daily and use the affirmation of “I Love.”

2. Eye Contact

"Eyes are the windows to your soul." ~ William Shakespeare

When you hold eye contact with the person you're connecting with, you're looking into a person's soul. Your energies are connecting through your eyes and you feel seen.

3. Hold Space

Holding space for others is making eye contact and listening with both ears to what they're saying and not thinking about your rebuttal. People feel heard and it opens up more space for your energies to connect.

4. Vulnerability

Being open and honest about yourself, your gifts, and your experiences is another way to connect with others. It's amazing how alike we all are! The experiences differ yet the meanings about them are the same. When you hear someone else has experienced something similar, you feel an immediate connection to them.

Your challenge...practice these daily with everyone you come in contact with!

✨ Tips on How to Align with the Energies


Life can appear to be happening TO you instead of FOR you until you understand how the positions of the planets, Sun, and Moon ALL play a part of your daily life. I know because until I aligned my energies with the Universal energies, talk about being lost and very disconnected. Once I got into alignment, WOW did I have my eyes opened! So here’s some tips on how to align your energies with the Universal energies…

As long as you show up and commit to yourself, you succeed! Start meditating 5 minutes a day and work your way up to 1 hour a day. Create a quiet meditation space with little distractions and have a comfortable pillow to sit on. Everyone prefers a different meditation method — guided meditations, sit in quiet, listen to music are a few methods! When you’re meditating, you’re focus is moving inward on your breath instead of your thoughts. We are all energetic beings connected through the God-energy within us. During meditation, you’re connecting with this energy that’s also connected to the Universal energies through energetic cords. After 30 days of meditating, notice how you feel and how you’re interacting with others!

Connect with Nature
Whether it’s running, walking, or sitting in nature — go connect with nature! Go have a conversation with a tree; feed the birds or ducks; when you go for a walk or run, don’t listen to music and show your appreciation for all you encounter! Connecting with nature is one way to cleanse and clear your energy and realigns your energy with the Universal energies.
This is something new for me I’m so in love with! There’s science behind chanting (and meditation) and when you experience it, you’ll chant every day! My body feels different, my chakras open up and align with the Universal energies AS I’m chanting! Ready to learn more about chanting? Let me know! Once your energy is aligned both with the Universal energies and the God-energy within you, you understand why events are happening in your life and how you’re co-creating your life every day!

In Celebration of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!


In 2013 I was in Atlanta GA and visited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial, his church, and a very insightful museum. During my time at each place learning more about him, what he believed, and understanding how strong he was in his convictions, I started to have a different perspective of how he impacted millions of Americans. And frankly how this is still needed in today’s society.

When I think about Dr. King, I ask how often am I standing up for what I believe in? Am I fighting for what’s right? The rights of others? Maybe for the rights of those who can't speak for the themselves?

So the question becomes, what are you fighting for? Is there something you're passionate about and would give up your time, your energy, and put your life on the line?

The movement he lead took conviction, courage, and foresight. This is trending again in today’s society - having our voice heard!

You have the power within to change your outer world! When you connect with your inner-Divine, your passions, your integrity, your drive, and truly understand who’s suffering in your community, you have the power to implement change. All it takes is one step forward. Your. Voice. Is. Powerful.

New Year, New You? ?


Intentions and Desired Feelings...

Intentions are similar to goals however intentions are packed with action! When you create an intention, you’re co-creating with God and the Universal energies for a particular outcome. You’ve let your desire be known and set them into motion through your intentions.

For example:

  • The goal during the meeting is to have fun and create a plan for our upcoming event.
  • I intend to have fun during the meeting and create a plan for our upcoming event.

Do you notice the difference between the two above statements? The second one implies action along with an outcome.

For those who create resolutions, intentions promote a state of being while resolutions are decisions to do or not do something.

After you create your intentions for the first 6 months of the year in all areas of your life (relationships, career, finances, wellbeing, etc), be sure to focus on them daily because what you focus on expands and is a reality!

Every year since I started creating intentions instead of resolutions, my life has changed as those intentions came to life! The desired feelings I named at the beginning of each year (some have 1 word for the year) have come to fruition throughout both my personal and professional life including "inspiring passionate purpose," "magical force," and "empowering."

Are you ready to co-create your 2019 with God? If you'd like help creating both your desired feeling for 2019 and your intentions for all life areas, let's talk!

How Powerful Are You?


With the New Year, most people create goals or intentions based on what you desire your life to look like in the new year. It’s a choice you're making of what to manifest in your life!

When it comes to taking action on your intentions, at some point you loose steam and end up quitting. Typically when things get difficult is when you stop.

So how do you continue? How do you start again? Forgive yourself and take small steps daily.

Back to your choices and their power…everyone has chakras or energy wheels. The 3rd chakra is called your Solar Plexus and known as your power center! It’s right above your belly button and is referred to often as “listen to your gut.” Every single choice or lack thereof is power! We are all energy and connected through energetic cords and our choices. Every person is impacted by your choice…now that’s powerful! Every thought turns into an action — a choice! That’s why your thoughts are so freakin’ powerful! What you think in your mind comes out of your mouth and turns into action.

Notice the stories or “tapes” running over and over in your mind. The best part…you CHOOSE what you think about! Now that’s powerful!

How will you own your personal power and make a difference? Feel free to share your discoveries in the Magical Musings Facebook group.

The F-Word We Dread

Forgiveness Tips!


Acknowledge How You Feel
Write down how you feel and notice where in your body you feel it. Sit with it for no longer than 24 hours (you don't wanna dwell in it). When you put it on paper, you release it from your mind and this helps with gaining perspective.
Perspective Shift
Everyone is doing their best including you! Most people don't know they've said or done something to hurt you until you let them know. So decide a good time to let them know (preferably in person) and you may be surprised by their reaction!

Also, ask yourself how you co-created this situation too. Every decision impacts everyone else and when you start to take responsibility for how you're showing up, your life starts to shift.

Understand Forgiving Someone Doesn't Make What Happened Right
For me this is the biggest hang-up! I want the other person to say "I'm sorry" or "I was wrong" which usually doesn't happen. However, the more I forgive the easier it gets. And the more I forgive, I realize I'm forgiving for myself. To release myself from this upset which if you hang onto it, it stores in your body and can manifest into health issues.
Be Kind to Yourself
You did what you thought was best at the time. Sometimes we react from fear without realizing it! We're great at beating up ourselves mentally so give yourself a break and ask yourself how you can do better next time. ?

Would you like a little help with forgiveness? Check out the forgiveness audio meditation.

? Deeper Meaning of Christmas and Life? ✨


Magic happens when we're present! We're more aware of who’s in front of us, the look on their face, and what they’re saying and not saying by observing their non-verbal cues.

When we're more aware, we notice what and how our Angels are communicating with us! They communicate through numbers, music or song lyrics, and the birds that visit our window or swoop in front of us are a few ways.

Maybe you are experiencing a difficult time. The only way out is going inward to get through the difficult situation. And to go inward, you must be present first and get rid of the outside distractions. Meditation and being in nature are some of my favorite ways to go inward.

My Father used to tell me, “You were given two ears! Listen twice as much as you talk.” When we are present and truly listening to the other person, we are connecting with one another and co-creating that experience.

Whatever it takes to be present, I encourage you to do so daily and especially during the Holidays. Place your phone on do not disturb and tuck it in your pocket or purse. Turn off the TV, the radio - whatever device may be a distraction. Be present with your Loved ones, play, laugh, and enjoy each other!

Being present is truly a life changing decision. Notice how  when you're present, YOUR presence impacts those around you! And if you feel called, share your findings with us in the Magical Musings Facebook group!

Holiday Self-Care ?


How are you being kind to yourself? This could be how you're talking to yourself, taking breaks, nourishing your body with the foods you eat, and taking self-care time to name a few. So often we think about being kind to ourselves last. What if we were kind to ourselves first and filled up our cup so we could be more kind to others?

One of my favorite things about kindness is it's impromptu nature and with no expectation to receive anything in return. Remember back to when you did something kind for someone else and how it made you feel. Step into that feeling!

Challenges for this upcoming Holiday season:

  • Each week, pick three people you know and perform an act of kindness for each person.
  • Do one random act of kindness a week for someone you don't know.
  • Bonus if they are done without that person knowing it was you!

I'm curious to hear what happens!

Tips to Navigate Your Holidays ?


1. Set an Intention
Every morning before you start your day, set your intention(s). You are co-creating with the Universe how you desire to experience your day! Before a meeting and attending gatherings, send everyone who attends Love and kindness! Imagine pink light covering the place where you're going.
2. Be Appreciative
Before you go to a Holiday gathering, write down 3 things you appreciate about the people you're spending time with and why. At the end of the day, write down 3 things you appreciated about your day and why.

When you express your appreciation, you change your perspective and your energy towards the people and the situation changes. Your energy speaks before you enter the room. You've also co-created with God by sharing what you desire to happen before you arrive. What you appreciate, expands!

3. Be Present
Meditation helps you become more aware and be more present. Meditate at least 5 minutes every morning and before you go to bed and you'll notice a difference!

While at the Holiday gathering, place your phone on silence or do not disturb and put them away. If you need to, go to a private room and check your phone at the top of every hour.

Being present lets the others know you appreciate them and care about what they have to say. And if you don't care, when you stay present, you are more aware and proactive instead of reactive.

4. Choose
Did you know you have choices? A choice of how you feel, what you do and say? A fun tip I like to do during my morning routine is to send Love to others before seeing them. Again, we are all energy and they'll feel the Love you're sending them before you spend time together. And if someone trips your trigger, you have a choice to go to the other room, count to ten and breath, and return without getting into an argument.
5. Play!
Have fun and be yourself! Laugh, smile, joke around, maybe sing a song or two! What's your favorite way to play?
Sometimes all of this is easier said than done. I believe in you and am so proud of how far you've come! xo
Photo by Courtney Brooks Photography

What The Heck Are Energy Stones? ?


What the heck are energy stones?

We are all energy! Crystals, also known as energy stones, come from our Mother Earth and have a vibrational energy giving them different characteristics and uses. For example, you've probably heard of Rose Quartz. This stone is commonly used to bring more Love into our lives and is used in conjunction with your Heart Chakra. 

How do I use them?

You set an intention for each energy stone. If you have a Rose Quartz, a common intention is to bring in more Love or open up your heart. You can carry it with you in your pocket, purse or wallet; for the ladies you can wear it in your bra to keep it closer to your heart; or place it next to your bed. I have a stone grid next to my bed so when I sleep at night, the stones work their magic!

How do I take care of them?

Be sure to cleanse each stone when you take possession before you set your intention. You can cleanse it many different ways. My favorites are to light white sage and place the stone in the smoke, place the stone on a selenite charger for 6 hours, or place it in soil for 24 hours. Each stone, just like us, is energy and picks up others energies it comes in contact with. After you cleanse the stone, you're making sure the stone has your energy along with your intention.To see all of the energy stones I offer including a brochure with their meanings, visit www.sandcevents.com.

⚠️ Caution: Manifesting Tips


Manifesting is a hot topic as the current energies support us to call-in our desires ~ basically whatever is on repeat in our minds is what we receive. Here are three tips to manifesting!

1. Acceptance
When we fully accept ourselves and our situation, is when we can start to do something about it. Acceptance is bringing awareness to what's happening and how we feel. It's saying "I am here now, I am loved, I am supported, and I am powerful!" You may not agree or be happy with where you are; however accept it and know you have the power to change it!
2. Take Responsibility
As we start taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions and stop blaming others for how we feel and our situation, you'll notice energy shifts. You've told the Universe you can handle more because you're taking responsibility for what you've received.
3. Feel Appreciation
Notice I say FEEL appreciation! FEEL appreciation for what you desire as you already possess it (refer to Michael Beckwith's quote above). Yes at times this can be difficult to do. When you experience these difficult times, move your body and/or get outside in nature. These are proven to get you refocused by either moving your energy from your head to heart/body and getting you outside in nature cleanses your energy.

Let go of the "how" and raise your energy/vibration to how you desire to FEEL! After 16/17 seconds of holding a thought, the Universe picks it up and brings it back to you! Same with your words, actions, and feelings ~ because they're all energy! How we receive it is different than our expectations. Appreciate what you receive!

P.S. The Universe doesn't understand sarcasm. So say "cancel" or "delete" after a sarcastic remark or anything you didn't mean to say. Your words are prayers.