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Your body, mind, and Spiritual self are all connected. When we nourish one and fail to nourish the others, our entire being is out of balance. When we collectively nourish all three, we not only are in balance, we show up as our optimal selves!

Spark & Celebrate is focused on guiding you to co-create an abundant, passionate purposeful life in partnership with God. Most of the events and services I offer focuses on your mind and Spiritual-self. Recently, I added an herbal supplement to my current Magical Merchandise focusing on your body. I now offer hemp CBD oil by Zilis! This is a phenomenal supplement I personally use and it has changed my life! When I learned the number of body systems this product touches, I realized more people will experience better health using UltraCell and other Zilis products!

Zilis, the company, is too a catalyst for change. Through their innovative products and their love for paying it forward, "Zilis is on a mission to provide proper nutrition to one million children a day in five years through our unique Pay It Forward nutrition program." Using their products, you experience better health allowing you to live your life on purpose and by design aligning with the Vision and Mission of Spark & Celebrate.

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And it's safe for pets too!