Experience a new way of life!

ThetaHealing® is a modality bringing your subconscious thoughts to our consciousness allowing us to heal them. We discover the limiting beliefs that hold us back that we may not realize are there.

Sessions are virtual and are 60 minutes.

What people are experiencing!

"My theta healing sessions with Karmen was beautiful and transformative. Giving God (Creator) permission, through Karmen, to remove blocks from my life (that have been holding me hostage since childhood) miraculously gave me the freedom I needed to let them go! The messages I received were profound and healed something in my soul. It was emotional for me in the best kind of way.  An extremely validating and healing experience I would recommend to anyone! Thank you Karmen!" — Kim Weiss

"When Karmen did her Theta Healing Session on me I did not know what to expect.  During the session, I felt an extreme emotional release.  I released both emotional and spiritual blocks.  Karmen also was able to share with me a sweet, loving, visual of me and my dad who has passed.  Since then, I have shifted and feel I am now on a different plane of existence.  I have the sense of seeing things from above and how I am able to see the world of possibilities and big picture of it all!" — Jen

"I really felt a sense of joy and peace and calm after our session and feel like there is still a foundational effect in place. It was funny, my husband could sure feel the energy as he was quite amorous the next couple of days and drawn to me like a magnet more than usual."  — Joyce

"I felt like I was in the arms of an angel. Karmen's gentle, kind, and loving approach immediately put me at ease. I was able to access the root issues quickly and easily with her laser focused and intuitive guidance. I appreciate her immensely." — Brenda