Create Your 20/20 Vision for 2020 Workshop

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This is a one day personal development and self-care workshop creating a life you love!

What You'll Take With You:
• 3-6 feelings to apply in your life. How would you like to feel?
• Intentions in all areas of your life.
• One intention to focus on from January - June 2020.
• Numerology: your life path, personal year, and challenges

What The Workshop Includes:
• Daily Journal that includes a weekly Angel Card Reading • Meditation in a Salt Room
• Numerology • Joyful Essential Oil Mist • 2 Energy Stones • Lunch

Why Attend:
• How you feel is how you show up in life and what you create. You choose how you'd like to show up and create a new way of being, thus creating a new way of life.
• Intentions are goals in ACTION! What would you like to accomplish?
• You'll create intentions for all areas of your life setting you up for a successful 2020!
• Knowing your numbers guides you to creating your intentions for optimal results.

Limited spaces available.

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