Spiritual Synergy Sessions

A Universal gathering of like-minded beings collectively learning and honoring the Divine Source.

The Pre-Launch Sessions include:
Topic|Focus|Lesson • Snacks • Love Offering for Local and Global Outreach

Watch the video below and learn more! It’s time to give “organized religion” a facelift and come together as ONE. During pre-launch, we'll meet the 2nd Wednesday each month. Click here for the calendar, times, venue, and cost.

Magical Monthly Memberships are available to support, inspire, and continue learning along your journey! For the Joyful Level Membership, join the Magical Musings Facebook group here. To receive the benefits of the Abundant Level Membership, click here to join and receive your gift as a 'thank you'! You can cancel at any time.

Joyful Level, FREE:

• Access to online community, Magical Musings Facebook group, to stay connected, receive insights, and motivation.

Abundant Level, $33.50/month:

• Includes everything from the Joyful level.

• Receive the 'Co-Create Your Abundant, Passionate, Purposeful Life' Daily Journal (one time gift).

• Participate in office hours via a video call twice a month.

• Monthly email with exclusive content for Spiritual Synergy Session participants.

• Receive discounts on offerings.

Spiritual Synergy Sessions gives people a safe place to learn and experience connection and support. Discuss how everything (God, energy, astrology, etc.) is all intertwined. We’re all saying the same thing using different words and methods. It’s time to redefine how a “church” functions and give “organized religion” a facelift.

A Universal gathering of like-minded beings collectively learning and honoring the Divine Source. Together we have conversations and learn from each other.

God is energy and lives within each one of us and we’re all connected through these invisible energy cords.

God designed different avenues to connect with the Divine, so depending on how you believe, there’s an avenue that’ll relate to you.

God gave us Jesus who walked the earth so we could understand who God is because personifying intangible things is how humans relate to them.

The word, God, is simply a label. We invite you to use whatever label resonates with you.

We discuss the Bible, A Course in Miracles, Nicheren Buddahism, astrology, and energy to name a few.

Love is Love and all are welcome!

In celebration of Jesus and his life here on earth, we will partake in communion.

Ready to attend?